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Standards & Procedures

In addition to its many services CAS Aviation Fuel Handling Limited specialises in providing its
customers with expertise by enhancing/updating/developing new Aviation standards and
operational procedures to meet their industry and legislative responsibilities.


During his 17 years in Shell our founder wrote and managed the Shell Aviation Ltd airport standards
and operational procedures. Additionally, he served on the JIG Technical standards drafting group
for 14 years chairing the committee in the development and continuous improvement of these
CAS regularly conducts assessments and development of manuals for several customers.

CAS Avn FH Ltd:

  • delivers complete Aviation system reviews as well as individual manuals. This process

       consists of comprehensive assessments of existing Corporate/company
       frameworks/documents/manuals against Industry minimum requirements/norms

  • through to enhancing and developing new materials to support companies meeting their

       conformance obligations.

CAS designs standards, manuals and operating procedures for a number of companies across a
broad spectrum of the Aviation industry, notably standards, operations and maintenance manuals.
Fuelling and HSSE information handbooks for frontline operatives are other areas that CAS delivers
in the industry.


Please see (About & Consultancy) or reach out directly ( for more

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