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Inspections / Auditing 

CAS aviation conducts inspections at Airport and Supply locations across the Globe.
Our founder:

  • Is a Senior JIG Inspector, and a HSSE-MS auditor, for over 20 years.

  • as the lead inspector he oversaw the Shell Aviation regional and global inspection program

       for over 15 years

  • supports with the development of inspectors and inspection systems/checklists for

       customers and industry bodies.

The scale of sites CAS inspect range from small up Country general aviation operations to large
international airports. Some examples include Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Melbourne
and Sao Paulo, to Santiago, Caribbean, New York and Detroit to name a few. The inspection and
audits are to various standards from JIG, A4A through to company specific and legislative norms.


CAS Performs:

  • numerous inspections each year

  • inspector oversight (coaching and shadow inspections) through to final stage accreditation

       sign-off inspections

  • prepare and coach your training inspectors in their journey to inspector certification,

       whether that is for local internal company inspections or formal JIG IJS inspector

  • In his role on the JIG Operations Committee, and as chair of the JIG Standards Working

       group and chair of the JIG IT committee, our managing director works on the IJS course
       development and design of the inaugural IJS inspection tracking system.

  • The MD partakes as a trainer and content advisor for this prestigious and world-renowned

        IJS course and company specific trainings

  •  CAS aviation conducts HSSE-MS audits at industry (JIG), Corporate and company site level

        from supply to airport.

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