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About CAS Aviation 

CAS Aviation Fuel Handling Limited is an aviation company that provides a wide gambit of
support to the Global Aviation fuels industry. The services delivered to its many customers
include operations, technical, (inspections, auditing, HSSE, training, writing
standards/operations documents, etc) and fuel handling support. At CAS we make sure our
customers’ needs are met so they can meet the highest level of safety and the minimum
requirements of the applicable industry standards.


Our company was:

  •  founded in 2018 by its managing director after almost 30 years’ experience working

        in various roles

  •  including airport depot and into plane general management and 17 years in Shell

        Aviation. The last 10 years were spent on the HSSE, Operations & Technical (HOT)
        Leadership team as the Global Standards, Compliance and Training manager.​

  • CAS expertise is spread across the industry from supply to into-wing activities.

Some areas of our recognised deliverables include bespoke services such as:  

  • Airport and Supply facility inspections (JIG Senior Inspector)

  • Inspector Training, Assessment and Accreditation sign-off.

  • Standards and Operating Procedures development (reviews and gap assessments). 

  • HSSE MS Auditor (Site and complete company system assessments)

  • Develop & Deliver Training (JIG IJS approved & current trainer) (former Shell Training system manager)

  • Airport New / Old Entry assessment, support and inspections.

  • Review, Assess, and Develop new standards and operations manuals for customers

  • Existing Company Operations and Technical systems review and enhancement

  • Supply and distribution (EI/JIG 1530 assessment/gap analysis)

  • Equipment Maintenance manuals design

  • Advise on New start-ups including assessment of sites and operations

  • Stock management and stock control

  • Coaching for staff and management

  • Risk assessment

  • Fuelling equipment and fuelling vehicle design 

​CAS Aviation Fuel Handling Limited aims to continually improve safety and competence in
the industry and provide support to its wide range of customers from small to large
companies. Recognised for the commitment to support the wider industry in
standards/specifications, audits, inspections, problem solving, CO2 reductions, HSSE, Asset
mgmt, and both reviewing and improving specifications, standards, procedures and best

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